It is by pure happenstance or divine providence that we are able to visit Loreto. Because of our visit to Medjugorje we can take the ferry to Ancona which puts us a short distance away from Loreto, famed for the Holy House of Nazareth. The legend says that the house of Joseph, Mary and Jesus was miraculously brought to Loreto by the angels.

Since then many hundreds of thousands of pilgrims have come to venerate this place. In the basilica of Loreto, we celebrate Mass. Behind the altar is a marble decorated edifice with sculptures. Encased in this marble structure is the Holy House. Our pilgrims are able to enter and spend time in prayer or touch the walls of the house.

Whether this is the house of Joseph, Mary and Jesus is a matter of faith. In some ways, it doesn’t matter if it is or isn’t. What matters is that we are here. When you consider the many centuries of Christian pilgrimage that have occurred here, this is the house of God in that respect, where God comes to dwell with his people.

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