Here we come…

This morning 17 intrepid pilgrims set out on a journey of faith. Why don’t you come with us!

At this moment we are sitting in the transit lounge at Changi Airport. For the pilgrims this is a small respite from the burdens of long hall travel. At the lounge, pilgrims have been treated to a massage, an opportunity for a shower and then a buffet of Asian cuisine with free flowing beverage.

In two hours we board our next 11 hour flight to Barcelona. During the flight, perhaps our hearts will be purged, opening ourselves up to the wonder that awaits.

It’s all good. God is good.

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Manuel Beazley

My name is Manuel Beazley.
This blog chronicles my own personal pilgrimage of faith as well as the pilgrimages that I lead with my wife Pata.

Come and roam with us!

2 thoughts on “Here we come…”

  1. …All the time, God is good!!!
    God is great!
    Hello to one and all.. Pata here with my husband Manuel on pilgrimage…..
    Refreshing break here in Singapore transit lounge and the excitement still lingers with our pilgrims. We have been treated with such wonderful hospitality.. Awaiting to see Barcelona again, for our pilgrims a first. Looking forward to Montserrat… Place where St Ignatius Loyola made a pilgrimage after being injured in war and soon after wrote the Examen.. his famous spiritual exercises. Prayers and blessings to you all… Get back to you all..

  2. absolutely awesome Pata, wishing you, Manuel, Paris and your mokopuna a very Merry Xmas and a safe and prosperous 2016 and indeed to all the 2016 pilgrims as well, safe travels and God’s blessings upon you all arohanui Demetrius

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